Knives Sharpening


Rapid, secure and contactless, mobile shop at your site or while you wait if you bring your knives to us.

To book a visit to your restaurant/kitchen/home please proceed the order and we will contact you to arrange the time.

If you prefer to send your knifes by mail please make sure to wrap heavy cardboard around blades and points, strong enough to ensure that the edges do not pierce the outer package. Wrap and seal each knife with cushioning material. In this way packaging will comply with the safety requirements of Royal mail for sending sharp objects and instruments.

We do not accept for sharpening flick knives and other that are banned knives under UK laws.

Please add the number of knives of each size – Large, Medium or Small.

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Additional information

Blade size

Small (less than 5 inch), Medium (5-8 inch), Large (more than 8 inch)